2/12/14 , 12:35 Am

I boarded the plane in Chicago, headed to Istanbul on route to Africa. I found my aisle seat situated next to a man who called himself Mikey, a round middle eastern man with piercing whites around his light brown eyes. Below I record a story that he insisted I write down while on our trip to turkey.

“One day one person he was young. Age 25 years old. He was born in Iraq but served in US army as a linguistic but at same time he was a troop. This young man get more experience from this war. He got a friend from this nation. They called this nation America.

This guy loved to work with his team. As a member of this team he didn’t feel at time he is Iraqi. He is all time American soldier and defend America and Iraq against the enemy. The enemy is terrorism, al Qaeda in Iraq.

No one know He work with translators for US soldiers. His family doesn’t know because for security for himself. If someone from his family talk about his job Al Quada and militants will hurt him.

The situation in Iraq is difficult and sensitive. This man was very smart to save his life and no one knows about his job.

Just God.

That not mean he not trust his family. But this is call of duty for America as a great nation. He believed one day he will be US citizen and he will defend all of America as a US troop because he believe he is the one from the team.

An explosion happened in his convoy by IEDs. One soldier from his platoon and the soldier got wounded. He ran over to solider and he pushed wound on leg of soldier to stop bleeding and he was crying on his friend, the soldier.

He told the soldier, “you have to be patient. You will not die. You are American you are strong man and I’ll give you my leg”. At that time he was crying. After that the soldier got operation. He wake up and found this man beside him along with the platoon and friends. Another soldier told this soldier “the man who saved your life he’s Mikey.”

That is my nickname. Mikey.

The team had a party for Mikey and after that day Mikey was very happy because he was now a part of this team in US.”


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